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Yuhan’s Scratch Project

Yuhan’s Scratch Project

Here is the link for my Scratch Project, any feedback is welcomed : )

Andi’s name project

Andi's name project

Click here to see the project in motion:

Scratch Project

I tried following some of the video tutorials. I wanted to make something to remind me of my dog Niki. Here it is! Could not change the background – will try again!

RebeccaSwirl – Scratch Project

Well that was fun. I had an idea of what I wanted to happen with this project, but in programming it, I came out with something I like even better. I had intended the letters to be in a straight line across the bottom, to swirl, and to come back to the straight line. What I got was a diagonal, which is pretty neat. It took some playing with the coordinates to get them to line up correctly, and I had to play with the timing of the sound to get it to play the whole clip.

See my project here:

What happens when you’re asked to do a Scratch project during Quals

Click for the full effect. Props to Jackie for the original remixed image. I guess this might be a remix of a remix then?
Scratch Project