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Schon, as he relates to cheese

Schon, as he relates to cheese

Thinking of the wooden toy as an actual piece of cheese…Cheese is created by a cheese maker who is a professional who engages in practices specific to cheese making. There is much tacit knowledge in the process which can be reflected on throughout the cheese making process; also the chemical and biological knowledge and skills necessary for cheese making do not have to first be learned in a classroom, they can be learned during the cheese making experience.
Also this cheese has holes, not all practitioner will be reflective, it requires a concerted effort to not slip through the holes.


This Reflection Brought to You By the Letter “W”

As an activity to get into Schon’s Reflective Practitioner today, we were each given a toy. Here was mine:

photo 2

So I have the letter W as my object. The first thing that comes to mind for me is sort of theoretical – the letter W is a representation, so is implicitly about the process of making explicit through representation. The themes of implicit and explicit run through Schon’s work, most clearly in his discussion of three levels of knowing – knowing-in-action, reflection-in-action, and reflection-in-practice. To me, these three levels represent a spectrum of implicit to explicit, with the process of representation (and therefor my little W) becoming most relevant at the reflection-in-practice level, wherein a practitioner most actively is theorizing and communicating about their work over a longer timescale so as to understand patterns and regularities in their work. I can see the letter W really playing a key role in this process. : )