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Thoughts on the Design Thinking for Teachers

As I look at this workbook for educators, and compare it to the d.School Bootcamp, I see an extended version of Empathizing and Defining. Here, the Discovery and Interpretation stages go in-depth, with stages of research and interpretation. I find this interesting because after being a high-school teacher in Singapore for about seven years, I feel that thinking among the teachers, or in the school can be “locked in” within the culture of the school. I think the identification of sources of inspiration (from users, from experts, from peers observing mentors, from people’s self documentation) are critical in helping teachers understand their challenge, and to develop design thinking. The interpretation process of searching for meaning and framing opportunities engages the teachers in rethinking the original challenge defined.

What strikes me too is the deliberate attempt to create a designer mindset – this can come in the form of setting up a space, even if it is a wall, for putting up of project plans, ideas and notes as the project evolves. Having such a space can “condition” the teachers to put on the “designer cap” (We do that too in class, and in the Creativity Lab!).

My thoughts are also influenced by the article by Tapscott (2009). Although he has specific recommendations for Education 2.0, I see the need for a paradigm change in the teachers’ mindset as the eventual determinant of change.

I do have some questions relating to the practicality of the design process – will the school be able to commit this amount of time and resources into the process? If a teacher wishes to use the workbook himself/herself, how can she find relevant resources? Is this achievable on an individual basis (perhaps on the curriculum level)?

Regarding Education 2.0, and having a one-size-fits-one education – how feasible is this – in terms of actual implementation and cost?