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Synthesizing Workbook and Project Portal

As Christian and I have been going through all the various deliverables and the different elements that we’re planning on including in each, we realized that there was some pretty good overlap between our plans for the Design Workshop and Capstone Project Portal, so we checked in with the head honcho and got the ok for a combined approach, so long as we hit the requirements for each. Sort of a design challenge in it’s own right to make it work as both, but we think it’ll be fun. Wanted to post about it here since Kylie mentioned other folks might want to take a similar approach. So, feel free to poach this idea!






Unfolding Space: Fab Lab 519


Rafi and I have begun considering how we might be able to create a flexible space in CRLT’s room 519 that can function as both a Fab Lab/Hackerspace for the LS teams, as well as a place for the meeting of minds.

As we move forward in determining the possible uses of the space we will be inviting all of the LS students and faculty to participate in interviews to determine what possible uses of the space people envision. To help facilitate this process I have taken measurements of the room, and primary furniture such as storage units, and work table.



This information is being incorporated into the building of a scale model, which at this point needs only assembly. The model will be a hands on component of the interview process whereby participants will be invited to build and arrange furniture within the scale model space as they discuss their needs for the space. This will all be captured in video from an overhead perspective. Pics and videos of the model soon to come.