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Visualization for BPS Makes Project

We gained a deeper understanding about our design project after the first interview with our core audiences- Christian and Rafi. The overall goals, needs and the core audiences of our project were specified, and our team mapped out a clear picture of the affordances and challenges of the current documentation system in BPS. Most excitingly, Christian and Rafi provided us a lot of inspiration that we could take advantage for our designing. Below is a visual map we drafted for our project in order to clarifying and checking out with core audiences.


The next step for our team would be:

  • Identify different forms/ purposes and audiences for documentation, and create a framework to use in the future interviews
  • Arrange interviews with core audiences (Norm,┬áDaniel, Terray and Emily)–Talk to Norm to find out more we can do with the current technological affordances; group interview for Terray and Emily to understand the context of the Make work

*Again, thanks Christian and Rafi for their time and insights : )

Sophia & Yuhan