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Studio 54.0

If you think you had seen it all about Game Lab design… Well, yes, you have, but there may still be some new good ideas you might like from our design. We thought the Central Table hanging from the ceiling was a great but impracticable idea, so we had to compromise there for a Sawhorse legs table. We know folks liked the Lighting, so we kept it. We knew we had forgot some things, such as storage and computers, so we copy that idea from other designs to make ours alined with the fad. But definitely, these gaming computers have to be the last of the last in technology. We did like our storage solution with a couple of wall storages, but for my taste they are a bit pale. Last but not least, we are bringing in a flat TV with touchscreen functionality as an optional feature (also notice the tracking camera on top). Budget is for the studio 54.0




Christian, Cesar, Alejandro



The feed back from our first prototype revealed we needed to reconsider the amount of space and amount of seating, keep seating with storage, add a refrigerator under the Keurig coffee maker, and put a lock on the door.

In our redesign we have: Replaced bean bags with a modular couch, kept the seating with storage, added a refrigerator, and added a lock on the door like those used to sell houses. We also now suggest that the round quarter-circle table in the corner be modded from an existing round table in the CRLT space.

Action Plan: To get people to come to the space, we have added a coffee maker and refrigerator. We also propose a First Fridays event where people come to play games and mingle every first Friday of the month. The game lab would be advertised to people/students on the 5th floor and the Learning Sciences students and faculty, not the whole building. There are a variety of game types in this space to attract different interests. This should be a comfortable place to relax, play, and discuss work



Our budget totals $3,212.73. Since we didn’t have time to share our budget in class, I’m uploading it here:

-Rebecca, Hilary, and Sophia