P674 Syllabus Sampler & Discussion

Hi Folks! You can find a larger version of this proposed syllabus in your Oncourse site — under the “syllabus” tab. This blog post is to stimulate feedback and some discussion on a few open points, including:

  1. Does this proposed syllabus accurately reflect our earlier discussions and the ongoing evolution of the course? How so?
  2. Do you have any specific suggestions for how you might edit the document? Please be as specific as possible in your feedback.
  3. Would you like to see field trips and/or guest speakers added to our schedule? If so, what are your suggestions? When would you like to see them happen.
  4. Any additional questions for me?


A couple of additional notes: Note that the critical readings will be taken up in relevance to your project and will consist say readings on “Designing Curriculum” and  “Feminist Theory” to investigate critical praxis informed by feminist theory. We’ll collectively investigate readings that would be informative to your areas of interest and your capstone design projects.

Also note that the readings on the course schedule are inserted the week in which they are assigned — they would be due the following week.