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LilyPad Arduino Ideas

Dear class,

Here is the link to our portal.

We hope the blog will be a good resource not just for BPS teachers, but for any K12 teacher interested in using LilyPad Arduinos. We have  documented the design process for the project under the About Us tab.

We appreciate the feedback received during our final presentation, and here is how we have addressed the issues.

1) How can teachers brainstorm ideas for the curriculum?
We have created a Twitter feed, where anyone who visits the site can tweet their ideas directly into the feed.
Additionally, we invite teachers and educators to give us feedback and suggestions through the Comments feature on the blog.

2) How can we show some high-end prototypes to inspire teachers, educators and students to learn about the LilyPad Arduino?
We found some great examples on Youtube, and  have featured them on the Homepage, explaining that the Starter Activities on the blog can be stepping stones towards building those awesome projects!

We would like to thank Rafi, Christian, Kylie and the class for  the invaluable guidance and feedback throughout the design process.


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