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McCarthy, M. M., & Mangione, T. (2000). How undergraduate students identify and utilize informal mentors. NACADA Journal, 20(2), 31-37.


This article focuses on the importance of informal mentorships with college students. For the purpose of our design challenge, we want to create a sense of community between professional staff, graduate student staff, and undergraduate students in Student Life and Learning. The concept of informal mentorship is important because, as the article tells us, mentorship leads to greater gains and retention for college students.

Torres, V., Howard-Hamilton, M., Cooper, D., (2003) Dominant Cultures, Oppression, and Other Societal Issues Affecting Identity Development of Diverse Populations. Identity Development of Diverse Populations: Implications for Teaching and Administration in Higher Education. ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report. (29)6.


We chose to use this piece by Torres, Howard-Hamilton, and Cooper to help us understand the issues that may arise from dynamics in our system regarding underrepresented students and majority culture. We specifically wanted to create a sense of community across difference within Student Life and Learning because that is something that is important to the staff members there. It is also important to retain students of color and other underrepresented populations, and mentorship can help that. However, we needed to be sure that mentorship was sensitive to the dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression.

Kafai, Y. B., Desai, S., Peppler, K., Chiu, G., & Moya, J. (2008). Mentoring partnerships in a community technology center: A constructionist approach for fostering equitable service learning. Mentoring & Tutoring, 16(2), pp. 194-201.

Nash, P. (2012, April 25). Distributed Mentoring: Scaffolding Learning in Educational Video Games. Teahers College-Columbia University. Retrieved from:


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