Hitting up the literature to inform maker space design

So over the past week, Christian and I have been thinking about what sort of readings can support our work to come up with a redesign lab519. Wanting both practical as well as critical perspectives to inform the design of the fablab space, we ended up with two books that we’re going to focus on.

make space

The first, more on the practical side, is Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration, by Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft (2012). This book is a showcase of various design methods for setting up space to optimize collaborative design processes. The book is non-linear in its approach and can be picked up at any specific location, or indexed to specific areas of interest as they might relate to a particular design consideration that a reader may have.

Building Change

The second is called Building Change: Architecture, Politics and Cultural Agency, by Lisa Findley (2005). Filling in our more critical perspective, the book follows four architectural case studies of buildings around the world that address issues of power and cultural agency through how the space is manipulated. The book also highlights the ways in which the architects and designers are sensitive to and tend to cultural issues within, both the structures themselves, and the space those buildings reside in. We’re hoping going through the case studies and issues of power raised in the book will help us stay critical in our final design phase.



Looking forward to digging in!


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