Informal Learning

I am not sure what is the impression of American graduate students in regards to European studies, but I thought this video from a UK Professor, Dr. Alan Thomas, may be interesting to us. This video presents an interview about Professor Thomas’ research on learning in out-of-school settings. Here is more information about him


1 Response to “Informal Learning”

  1. 1 Rebecca Itow February 12, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    I’m having conflicting thoughts. On the one hand, I agree with Dr. Thomas that there is much to learn by being out in the world. There is so much more than that which is taught in a structured setting in schools. I know that I benefited greatly from all of the out-of-school learning opportunities I had as a child. We were always encouraged to explore the world around us and connect what we were learning in school – or not learning in school – to real world problems.

    However, I also feel that I benefited from my structured school experience. And as states across the country implement the Common Core, I think about the structure those standards provide. For better or worse, the standards give a general sense of what students should learn by certain grades. Obviously students learn these skills and concepts to varying degrees and the merit of the standards is a different conversation. But if we consider the reality that our culture is applying standards in education – and that people outside of education value those standards to some extent in their expectations of what children know at certain grade levels – how far away can we move from structured school without doing children a disservice?

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